House/Office Clearing/Blessings

In these stressful times, it is easy to build up negative energies where we live or work.  With the fates of so many homes and businesses being affected by the economy, it’s not unusual for resentments of other negative emotions to linger after the occupants depart. Or maybe you are starting a new venture and want to begin with a clear energetic slate.  Reikified! can help.

Dee sweeps out old, stale, negative energies to free your home or office of negative energies and vibrations. First we will state a prayer of intention to clear your space energetically.  Smudge, incense or palo santo will be used to clear away negative energies.   Any lingering entities will be crossed over.  Next, we will bathe your space, both literally and figuratively in light and healing energies.  Finally we bless the space and all its occupants.  All present will receive a cleansing as well, either with incense, sage or smokeless smudge depending on your needs.

Apartment blessings $100.

House blessings $150-$200.

Office blessings:  call for pricing.

Please call 646-355-7934 to make arrangements.