reiki kanjiDee practices Usui/Tibetan, Karuna Reiki and other healing modalities.  All of these may be employed during a session, as needed.  Chanting, toning, drumming, singing or other methods may be used, as well. Crystals or other healing aids may be used.   Often messages from loved ones come through and Dee will ask you if you would like to hear  them. Each session is unique for Dee and her clients. For more information, please  visit the Reiki page.

Dee also teaches Usui/Tibetan,  Karuna and other healing modalities.  For instruction, please visit the classes page.  Dee would love to have you as a student even if you have studied with another teacher.


BastDee does intuitive card readings to help her clients focus on the joys and challenges ahead of them on their life path.  Her goal is not to predict what will happen, but to help the querent discover their options moving forward and making the best choices possible for their highest good.  For  more information, please go to the readings page.


As a  medium, Dee brings messages of love and encouragement from the Other Side.  Often messages spring naturally during healing sessions, but Dee also gives stand-alone readings in-person and over the phone. 

Dee also performs house and office blessings to clear negative energies and let in the light.

For  essential oils and other supplies, visit Dee’s Aromatherapy page.

Visit Dee’s Amazon store.  All recommendations are just that; they are not endorsements of the products listed.


Freeiki Fridays

Every Friday Dee sends out reiki to those who request it during the week.  To request reiki for you or for someone else, please fill out a healing request.


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