Dee does intuitive card readings to help her clients focus on the joys and challenges ahead of them on their life path.  Her goal is not to predict what will happen, but to help the querent discover their options moving forward and making the best choices possible for their highest good.  


Decks  available:


  • Rider Deck
  • Universal Goddess Deck
  • Thoth Deck


  • Goddess Guidance
  • Mermaids and Dolphins
  • Psychic Tarot


To sign up for a reading:

In person: Call Dee at 646-355-7934 or email Dee to set up an appointment.
By phone: Call Dee at 646-355-7934   or email Dee with your name, location (city, state, country) birthdate and birthdate of anyone else involved in your reading, and your question. Please include a few times that are convenient for the reading.  You will receive an e-mail confirming the time for the reading. All readings within 24 hours of receiving your e-mail.

NB: Pictures shown only as an indication of the decks used. The Lovers come from the Rider deck. Bast comes from the Goddess card set.