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I hope everyone is recovering as best they can after Superstorm Sandy.  After a postponement and retooling, my creativity workshop is back in the works.  This workshop is designed to help ALL people, not just creative types to bring greater imagination, dreaming and, yes, creativity to their work, their lives and their spiritual journey.  Here’s the info below:


Cracking the Creativity Code

Journeys to the imaginal realm for guidance, inspiration, and healing

It is a fallacy in our culture that only a few souls are truly capable of genuine creativity.  Creativity is our birthright as humans, whether or not we possess the talent of the singer, the sculptor or the poet.  We are each called upon, in our own way, as luminous beings, to bring into manifestation our highest vision of our planet and ourselves.  This three-workshop series is designed to aid participants in tapping into that universal well of creativity to incubate, expand on and actualize greater clarity, originality and fulfillment in our work and in our lives.

November 19:  Meeting your Muse

In traditional Greek mythology, the muses were nine daughters of Zeus who inspired mortals in endeavors from music to dance to astronomy to the writing of sacred song.  The ancients called upon these goddesses for inspiration, encouragement and the ability to bring their vision to reality.  Together we will explore the energy of the muse, meet our own personal Muses and begin to incubate a new and more expansive vision of our lives and our mission on the planet.

December 3:  Stalking your Story 

From the beginning of time, story has been the oldest most basic unit of meaning. Jung believed that each of us carries with us the blueprint of every human story in the part of psyche known as the collective unconscious.  This is why depictions of myths, legends and other ancient stories resonate so deeply within us.   On a conceptual and imaginal level we recognize the commonality of human experience.

Each of us is the hero(ine) of our own story.  But what kind of story are we telling? Is it the one we were born to tell or have we limited the scope of our vision?  With the help of animal allies we will track the grandest story that is ours to tell at this time.

Where:  Edgar Cayce Center-ARE – Midtown Manhattan, N.Y.C.
241 West 30th Street (West of 7th Ave)

Exchange:  $50 for the series for ARE nonmembers/$40 for series for ARE members.
Additional rates for individual classes also available.

Click here for more information or to register for the series.  You may also contact Dee at 646-355-7934.

Hope to see you there!


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