Do you know where you’re going to . . .

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The other night I had a dream fragment, a piece of wood drifting on water.  That’s it.  Some great, informative dream right there, no?  But I woke up with the theme from the movie Mahogany playing in my head.  Do you know where you’re going to?  Do you like the things that life is showing you?  And on and on.  Mahogany just happens to be a type of wood, so I looked it up on the source of all true knowledge–(ahem)–Wikipedia.

Mahogany is areddish brown, tropical wood indigenous to north and south America, including the islands of the Carribean (most notably Jamaica).  When brought to the Americas as slaves, Yoruba and Ibo folks referred to this tree as ‘m’oganwo’ as it appeared to be similar to another tree back home.

So it seems the ancestors are speaking to me through this piece of wood, telling me to take a look at my history in terms of the indigenous people of these lands.  It has been  on my mind, so such a message is not completely unexpected.  In fact, the next book on my tbr (to be read) pile is Of Water and the Spirit by Malidoma Patrice Some, an African author.  I found this title in a used book store while I was looking for books on Regency England.  Go figure.  Spirit does move in mysterious ways.

What is Spirit moving you toward right now?  Are you going willingly or resisting?  How can you incorporate the new in with the old to expand your purpose or happiness in life?


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