Dream a little dream of . . . you

Category : dreamwork, health/wellness, journeying, meditation, workshops

This weekend I will be heading up to the Omega Center in Rhinebeck, NY for a seminar I have been dreaming about fora long time.  Robert Moss has turned his book, Dreaming the Soul Back Home into a workshop–and I couldn’t be more thrilled.  I have had a lifelong fascination with dreams–having them, interpreting and, lately, using them to help heal.  This work deals with helping folks find wholeness through night dreams and journeying to parts of ourselves we have lost along our life path.  Reclaiming oneself from the abyss is healing, energizing, life altering and one of the most important aspect of what we can do as healers.

So don’t be surprised if you find me coming back from this weekend a changed woman.  I have already begun to dream about what is next in store for me–or if I start my next session with you by saying, “tell me what you dreamt last night.”


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