Carnival of Healing 242: Manifesting Answers and Advice

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Welcome to the 242nd edition of the Carnival of Healing.  I hope you enjoyed the previous Carnival by Scott at  Lifencompass.  Thanks for the lead-in Scott.

Now onto the new Carnival.  I have to start with a question.  Did you ever feel part of the Universe was speaking directly to you?  That’s how I started to  feel reading through many of the articles submitted for the Carnival.  I’m starting several new projects, and, I asked my guides to send advice on several issues of  body mind and soul.  Apparently, this month’s bloggers are part of the solution for me.  Hope you find something here that really resonates with you, too!


Antioxidant Buzz Blog brings us recipes to make your own happy juice and tonic.

Nicia Aiyetoro shares everything you ever wanted to know about Using the Breath and Qigong for Natural Healing, Power and Spiritual Enlightenment at Nicia Travels.  Nicia lists the following as some of the benefits she personally experienced from Qi gong:

 Shortened my menstrual cycle from 5-7 days to 3-5 days, Decreased cramping during my menstrual cycle, Softer skin, Increased sexual pleasure, Deeper sense of calm and peace, Increased body heat, Easier to feel my inner body and stay present.

Can someone tell me why I haven’t been doing this?

The Native Remedies Blog  offers Natural Help for Beautiful Skin.  This post takes note of the fact that the average person uses 12 beauty products per day on their skin, the largest organ of the body.  Which means we are taking in quite a bit of chemical toxins every day if we’re not careful.  Oy!

Need an energy boost? Dr. Oz Reviews posts Deepak Choprah’s tips for increasing energy morning noon and night.

Will Kwan at The Quest for the Optimal Life blogs about finding restored vision and more in How Naturally Improving My Eyesight Taught Me the Secret to Relaxation.  I particularly enjoyed this section of his post:

When you see a tree in the park, for example, do you see a big, craggly brown tower with thousands of leaves busting from the long thin sticks…or do you see a tree? For most of us “mature” people, we just see the tree. If that’s what we tell ourselves we need to see, it’s no wonder why our vision declines. Parents often scold their kids for daydreaming when the poor kids are in fact doing the exact opposite of dreaming: they are directing their attention at the small, interesting details like the fly on the window sill or the bird preening its feathers.

This is what I used to love about teaching kindergarten–the divergent perspectives that haven’t been socialized out of them yet.

End Your Back Pain Now shows how anterior pelvic tilt (APT) can be contributing to or causing you pain.  There’s a free download to help you deal with the problem.
Kris Health Blog offers two ways to Lose Weight Fast Without Being Hungry.  Cutting carbs is my favorite way to cut calories.  If only those carbs would quit whispering to me.  Kris has a lot of info on the site that resonates with me.  Hope you check it out and find some things you grok, too!

Before this month I had no idea anyone had dedicated a whole blog to curing heartburn.  Heartburn Cures offers a host of remedies, but the standout of the bunch is How to get rid of heartburn permanently? 10 Hot Tips.  I leave it to you to explore and discover this site on your own.


Laura Grace Weldon introduces the science of epigenetics, that “shows that the choices we make today will resonate in the minds and bodies of our grandchildren.”  Finally the old nature vs. nurture gets a new take and I get a new topic for my child development class.  Whoopee!

As more and more technological advances in medicine , the more important the  science of informatics–or where technology meets healthcare– becomes.  15 Intriguing Facts About the History of Informatics posted by Miranda at HealthTechTopia sheds light on a little known topic.  Who knew an abacus was actually technology?

The effects of Laughter Therapy on Depression are explored at Clinical Depression:  Symptoms and Treatment.  Deep Zen Mastery continues the theme with  their Free Bubbles Meditation Lesson.

I just loved Jonathan’s take on Anger Management Techniques at Simple Life Habits, particularly his second tip on creating margin in your life.  I have definitely got to try this one myself.  I’ve got zip margin in my life right now, expecially considering that it is 11:19 pm and the Carnival is due tomorrow morning.  But you didn’t hear that from me.

The Amyra Records asks, Are You Addicted to Stress, Anxiety & Dramas?  then offers novel exploration of the topic of Addiction to stress and human drama


Nicky at Life Coach Space talks about the secrets to permanent weight loss in Self Love & Self Acceptance = Permanent Weight Loss Step 1.  Here’s hoping part 2 is just as good!

Rosanna at Healnowlovenow discusses how blockages can prevent us from healing in Who Gets Well, Who Doesn’t.

Angry much?  Ashley Reid at The Real uses scripture to help deal with letting go and letting God handle it in Overcoming Your Anger: Genesis 4:6-7

All About Living With Life offers 10 Effective Ways to Enjoy What You Do Every Day.    I particularly liked the last entry:

Be here and now: One effective way to enjoy what you do is to be present. When your mind is not thinking of something else, you are able to get into the flow of what you do.

 Need a meditation timer?  The Conscious Life offers one.  A chime will sound when you start and when your time is over.  What more can you ask for?

I am going to end with a post from Laura Weldon’s Bit of Earth Farm blog.  In The Antidote is Awe, she reminds us that our workaday world is bursting with miracles we ignore while our eye is on the clock or the bank account bottom line.  The answer to our common worries is to find the uncommon in the world around us and, for a brief moment, allow ourselves to revere the divine in ourselves and others.

That’s all for now, folks.  I hope you have enjoyed the Carnival.  You can find next month’s Carnival # 243  hosted by Lauri J. Shainsky at Shamanic Living.

For more information on the Carnival of Healing, please visit the home page, here.


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