Calling all Health/Wellness Bloggers–the Carnival is coming to Reikified!

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Hi to all health/wellness bloggers. Reikified! will once again be hosting the Carnival of Healing. For those not in the know, the Carnival of Healing is a monthly roundup of Healing/Wellness/Fitness blog posts focusing on holistic or alternative practices.

To find out more about the carnival go here.  To see the current Carnival #241, you can visit Lifencompass.

If you have a post you would like to have included in the Carnival, please email me at  Issue #242 will be out October 1.


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I can’t wait! There’s a great momentum in the carnival right now. See you next month! I’m going to raise the bar for myself, AND see if I can get acfew other healers to participate!

See you then!

Hi Scott,

I share your feelings! Look forward to seeing you next month!

All the best,

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