Divination du jour–don’t block the blessings

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As I write this, it is midnight on a night of the full moon, a powerful time for divination of any kind. I picked my Earth Magic oracle cards to use to balance the lunar energy. Before I could pick any cards, three jumped out at me: River, Rain and Ceremony. Most of the time when I do this work I am sure the energies are there for those around me, even if the message isn’t as strong for me personally.

This time, however I feel the message strongly. I know many people feel at this time that things are not going their way. The economy is bad. Their job may be unfulfilling. Their love life may be lacking. There’s a lot of hurt to go around. However what the cards talk about is aligning ourselves in a positive way for the things we desire to come for us. The River represents movement, which we can either block or help to flow. The river, being water, stands for both the emotions and our intuition. So the blockages we are experiencing now have to do with do with our emotional and spiritual bodies, not so much the physical. However it is always best to deal with issues when they are in the energy body as opposed to the physical one.

The next card is Rain, also a water card. It stands for purification. Rain, like tears, has a way of washing away the negativity and leaving an area cleansed and on it’s way to healing. So rather than wallowing (or drowning, if you prefer) in the waters of a stuck river, it is time to purify ourselves and our areas of denser energies.

The waning moon is the perfect time for letting go of things you do not want. Let the decreasing moon carry away feelings of lack, discouragement or whatever other emotions are working to block your path.

The final card tells us how: renew and strengthen ties to Spirit, be that through greater communication with guides, meditation, spiritual work of some kind. Take time to build or honor sacred space in your home. Honor the sacred space within yourself also. Honor the Light that you are.

Blessings will flow.


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So beautifully written under the magnificient moon that we had the privilege to witness and so true. Sometimes, without knowing it, we block the energy by dwelling on the bad things in our lifes instead of counting our blessings.

Thank you Dee from now on I will honor the light that shines inside of me.

Hi Lisa,

Thanks so much for commenting and for your kind words. Glad to hear that you will be honoring the light inside you!

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