Carnival of Healing # 127: Cradle, grave, and everywhere in between

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Welcome to the 127th edition of the Carnival of Healing

We’ve got an interesting carnival for you this week with lots of submissions, covering topics from what to eat when you’re expecting to coping with the death of a loved one and a whole lot of other interesting topics. For your convenience the carnival is broken into three sections: fitness, fatness and food; surgery and other medical woes; and coping and comforting. If you haven’t read last week’s carnival, you can find it at Natural Pain Relief. So, without further ado, here’s the carnival.

Fitness, Fatness and Food

Looking for the ultimate way to stay in shape? Get free yoga exercise videos online at Anmol Mehta’s blog.

Calling all those senior fellows: Stanimir Sotorov at All About Your Body and Spirit explains how juices can cure impotence and how saw palmetto can help prevent hair loss.

Weight loss dude posits the question, Is Your Keyboard making you fat? I don’t know. Something is. Our guy offers some advice on keeping the pounds off while pounding the keys.

Kavit over at Wellness Junction gives you 5 ways to quit eating junk food. Guess I have no excuse now.

Under the heading of is this caveat really necessary comes Alfa King‘s advice to swallow your saliva while chewing veggies. Spitting is making a comeback and nobody told me?

To keep the Bridezilla in you at bay, Neelakantha offers the pre-wedding day health guide. Good advice to stay healthy all the time if you ask me.

For those “infanticipating” as they used to say comes Jamie Macintosh’s post from Suite 101 on Organic Gardening for the Expecting.

If they can always see you sweat, James Chambers offers all sorts of information and advice at Hyperhidrosis. Take your pick on which post your prefer. I couldn’t decide.

Mike Remer talks about the challenge of holidays and cold weather on our dietary habits at My Path to Fitness blog. My favorite part is where he compares us hibernating in our homes to our ursine friends:

The major difference between bear hibernating and human hibernating is that the bears stop eating and we eat more.

Ain’t that the truth!

Astrid Lee of We Are One World Healing discusses the benefits of reiki for athletes. I second and third that emotion. I liked her site so much, I joined.

Surgery and other medical woes:

Frivolous malpractice suits hurt everyone posits Jose de Jesus at Physician Enterpreneur.

At Acupuncture Marketing for Clinics, Burton Kent discusses how legal drugs can be a prescription for trouble.

Raymond gives us a bird’s eye view on Lasik surgery at Money Blue Book. I don’t know about you but I have trouble putting a contact in my eye. A laser is out of the question. But that’s just me.

Over at AGIS Carestation blog, the topic is strokes, and not the good kind.

Everything weird and wonderful about the human body in one place: Christina Luan’s 100 Weird Facts about the Human Body found at Bootstrapper.

Coping and Comforting:

Pete Quily presents 10 Ways to Cope with Adult ADHD at Adult ADD Strengths. I think I love this man! Both Lesi and I have sons who could benefit from this wonderful website.

Rich Vosler proves even the lowly geese have lessons for us at Sales Training Tips.

In the mood for a little humor? Try Mad Kane’s blog where she waxes poetic about her various careers.

David E. Bohl at Slow Down Fast ponders the Power of Possibility to some interesting conclusions. Here’s a sample:

As a lifestyle mentor and professional coach, I get a real kick out of watching people understand that they have the power to change. It’s like the proverbial light bulb going off and someone saying, “Wow! I can have anything I want!”

Lorraine Cohen practices “giving herself an ‘A'” over at Powerfull Living. As an educator I can vouch for the transformative power of treating each student as an individual in need of discovery. It’s like finding the sculpture hidden in the block of wood. When it happens, it’s marvelous.

What me worry? Never. Warren Wong at Personal Development by an INTJ
tells you how to make your own worrying a thing of the past.

Anna Farmery at Widow’s Quest writes about seeking reconcilliation not resolution when dealing with the death of a loved one–an interesting take that is worth a look. She also tackles the art of forgiveness in a meaningful way.

James de Lelys of healingthroughwords uses allegory to make his point and to plug his new book.

Tupelo Kenyon presents Make a Decision Easier posted at Tupelo Kenyon, saying,

Decisions needn’t be a chore. In fact, it’s a profound privilege to be able to make decisions for yourself. Consider the alternative. Would you rather have someone else make your decisions for you? The ability to make your own decisions is a good definition of freedom.

And I’ve decided to end the Carnival here.

Hope you enjoy reading all the great posts that have been included. Please leave a comment here or on the blogs cited to let us know what you think. Next week’s carnival will be held at Where We Relax. If you’d like to submit an article for this carnival, please go here. Please feel free to browse the Carnival archives, as well.

Dee Savoy
1/2 of the Reikisisters team


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